General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

To strengthen the measures for securing and protecting the collection and use of personal information from possible abuse and breaches, the European Union is now ready to implement the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
From the day you were born, your personal information is gathered and stored in databases run by both private and government entities, such as hospitals, schools, banks, public registries, and the business enterprises with which you have previous and current dealings and transactions. The use of advanced software programs and applications has considerably made it easy and efficient to do business with various institutions. With a few clicks and a swipe of a card, transactions and deals are completed almost instantaneously. Retailers and service providers are able to attend to your needs in real time. You are able to wire money from one location to another, to and from remote areas around the world.

Indeed, computer technology has been one of the most important drivers of economies worldwide. However, while it has largely made our lives easy, its downside is that the collection and storage of your personal information may be considered an intrusion of your privacy. The data gathered from you is prone to abuse and misuse by individuals and organised groups with illegal intent. If mishandled, the systems of these institutions may either be hacked or breached, and your data may ultimately fall into the wrong hands, in turn putting you at risk.

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