Why Not All Family Lawyers In Sydney Are The Devil And Will Actually Have Their Client’s Best Interests At Heart

Those who work in the legal system should have a philosophy that everyone deserves to be represented. While most professionals will agree with this statement, it doesn’t mean that they don’t try to find loopholes. Because of this (in addition to misrepresentation in movies and TV shows), many people out there believe that family lawyers in Sydney are of the same calibre as the devil.

Most people have heard some kind of nightmare story where an innocent person was robbed of all of their money and dignity throughout their court proceedings. Others will have heard stories of attorneys who will stop at nothing to blend their clients dry of money. While it is not 100% possible to state that this type of thing doesn’t happen, the truth is that it doesn’t happen often.

Unlike American television series, family lawyers in Sydney are not cutthroat and are not going to “do whatever it takes” to get the job done. In reality, a reliable family lawyer in Sydney will do everything by the book and will have their client’s best interests at heart. As it is so important that people don’t shy away from receiving legal representation, this article will explore this subject further.


There are many family lawyers in Sydney who no longer charge by the hour

One of the many reasons why people have a mistrustful view of family lawyers in Sydney is because they believe that they will do whatever they have to in order to make more money out of the situation. But the truth is, more and more professionals out there are throwing away the old model of charge by the hour and are instead offering set fees. This can be extremely helpful for those who may not be in the best financial position and who are needing to know exactly how much they need.

Furthermore, there are many out there who are separating from their spouse and won’t truly know how much money they have until the proceedings are over. This means that they may have to borrow money from family friends and once again, this can be made easier when people know exactly how much they are going to have to borrow. Having said all of this, it is important that people know that there may be additional fees involved and so they should always chat with their family lawyers in Sydney in regards to this matter.


Family lawyers in Sydney will usually only fight for what someone is entitled to

child custody

The best attorneys out there will correctly advise their clients of what they are entitled to when they find themselves going through something such as a divorce or child custody hearing. This means that contrary to popular belief, family lawyers in Sydney aren’t going to advise their clients to go over something that is unattainable. For instance, it isn’t likely that a father is going to get full-time custody of his children unless, of course, they are in some kind of danger.

While attorneys will do everything in their power to get what their client wants and needs, they aren’t going to bully the other involved party so that their client can achieve something they are not entitled to. Once again, people may try to find loop holes where they can but this isn’t the same as situations that are depicted in movies and television series. As this is the case, it is best to know that family lawyers in Sydney actually have their client’s best interests at heart.



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