What our clients say

Ray of Greystanes

I thought my case would take years to complete, but with their diligence and professionalism they were able to complete my claim in a very short space of time. Thank you Sydney City Legal ...




I am a Pharmacist and have been using Sydney City Legal for many years now to deal with all my commercial law and conveyancing needs. I first retained the firm on the recommendation of a friend when I was experiencing enormous pressure from a substantial case that was threatening to ruin me financially if I did not handle it properly.

From the moment I retained Sydney City Legal, I noticed that they dealt with my case with the highest of integrity, diligence and care for attention and detail. I never had any issues with their work throughout the course of my case. I was always kept in the loop.

The barrister retained by the firm was very proficient with his Court work and helped me a lot during the case, particularly my nerves at giving evidence in the witness box. I felt a real sense of commitment towards my matter throughout. It kept me positive and reassured that everything was being done to succeed in the litigation.

I really felt comfortable with Sydney City Legal and have already referred friends and family to handle their matters because of the confidence I now have in them. Thank you again. I wish the staff there all the best in the future�.


"I was pleased with my Solicitor. He was usual available to assist me whenever I needed help. My case was difficult and had a lot of history to it. I was expecting it to take years for my case to be over. However, with the help of Mr Dahlan, we were able to finalise the matter in less than 2 years.

After the final result, I was more than satisfied with the legal services provided by Sydney City Legal and the compensation money I received from the insurance company It gave me a huge sense of relief. It allowed me to get the treatment that I needed and move on with a new chapter in my life.


"I was having difficulty running my own case. I decided to seek expert advice and contacted Sydney City Legal. They took on my case and fixed up all the issues. Mr Dahlan appeared for me at a pre-trial Hearing and set my case back on track. Shortly after we succeeded in the first stage of the case, we were able to settle it on terms that I was happy with. I wish to thank Sydney City Legal for the help and advice they gave me in resolving the case quickly".


"Sydney City Legal dealt with the purchase of our home. They explained all the practices and procedures involved in plain English. I would recommend Sydney City Legal to any person searching for a dedicated and trustworthy solicitor".


Sydney City Legal is a very competent law firm. They pay attention to their clients and make sure that all the legal jargon is explained in plain and simple English


"I was very happy with what Sydney City Legal achieved out of my case. I was a little apprehensive at first, but once I handed my case to them, they made me feel comfortable and confident as to the progress of my claim.

I was impressed with the way Mr Dahlan familiarised himself with the facts of my case and was able to explain the law as it was applied, in clear simple terms to me. Before I saw Sydney City Legal I was very uncertain about my claim. I was contemplating giving up altogether. But they put things back on track and helped me move on with my life".


I was very happy with the way Sydney City Legal conducted my motor accident claim. I only had to wait about 4 or 5 months before we were able to achieve a settlement that was more than acceptable to me.

Sydney City Legal exceeded my expectations. They explained a lot of my rights to me that I wasn't even aware of prior to my incident. I thought my case would take years to complete, but with their diligence and professionalism they were able to complete my claim in a very short space of time. Thank you Sydney City Legal."


"I would really like to show Sydney City Legal my real appreciation for the work they did for me. I was always looked after and most importantly they listened and cared about helping me improve my situation.

I transferred my file to Sydney City Legal because I heard good things about the firm from a friend. I changed solicitors because my previous lawyer could barely return my calls and emails. It made me feel very uncomfortable. When I transferred my file, I was always informed and updated by my new solicitor.

I felt that Sydney City Legal were committed to achieving good communication lines with their clients. At times, when my solicitor wasn't available, he still returned my call the very same day.


"I had a case against an insurer that offered a settlement to me before I got any legal representation. The offer sounded wrong because they wanted me to give up some of my rights. So I saw Sydney City Legal. Within a short period, I realised that there were other benefits I could claim that the insurer tried to hide from me.

I ran my case through Sydney Legal and at the end, I received a compensation payout that was more than 10 times in excess of the original offer that was put to me by the other side. I am glad I proceeded with my claim as�I was fully advised throughout the case and was left satisfied that everything that could be done, was done, to realise the full potential of my claim. I was very happy with my solicitors and would urge anyone with any legal issues to see them.