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Our contingency fee arrangement covers all compensation claims and some other civil matters that we act upon. This means that if we do not achieve a successful outcome on your behalf, we will waive all the solicitors' and barristers' fees incurred in your case. From the outset, we will send you a written disclosure as to costs so that you are aware of the likely fees that you will incur and the overall terms and conditions of our retainer in clear and simple terms.

Our conditional costs agreement will set out exactly how our fees will be calculated throughout the conduct of your proceedings together with an estimate of what costs are likely to be incurred at each stage of proceedings right up to the final hearing.

To assist our clients, we also provide a table that distinguishes between costs that will be paid directly by the defendant/insurance company and the 'gap' that will be satisfied from the verdict or settlement monies at the end of the case.

Our written disclosure as to costs provides a good basis for our clients to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of their potential claim so that they can make an informed decision as to whether to proceed.

Notwithstanding the safeguards of our no win/no fee policy, you should rest assured that you will be served by a competent team of legal professionals that have achieved success in over 99% of claims.


It is a well established principle of the law that the costs of any proceedings ought to be proportionate to the the value and importance of the claim. Sydney City Legal has implemented this legal principle into its system of charging fees in good conscience. We are mindful of the need to reduce costs in cases that might not be worth a great deal of money but hold significance to our clients in terms of principle. We adopt this policy in every matter that we assume conduct of.

We ensure that the legal costs our clients ultimately incur are referable to and significantly less than the verdict or settlement monies they recover. This is in keeping with our dedication to justice and equity that should be within reach of every person regardless of race, gender, social and economic standing.

We appreciate that when clients approach us, their capacity to earn may be diminished. We assist our clients in such trying times by offering a fee arrangement that minimises the risks associated with running legal proceedings and reduces the associated stress and anxiety. This will allow you to feel reassured as to the financial prospects of your claim without being bogged down by ongoing fees and charges while your case is being litigated.


In suitable cases, including some applications for parenting orders and property orders, we offer our clients a facility whereby legal costs will be recoverable upon the conclusion of their case. This is as opposed to rendering bills of costs on monthly or quarterly intervals which can add some financial strain to some individuals. We can put in place a system where your fees are deferred until such time as you strike finality in the proceedings and are able to access funds from those proceedings to satisfy your legal costs.

We offer this fee arrangement to clients upon an evaluation of the merits of their claim and its viability. Please do not hesitate to inquire about our deferred fees option when you attend upon us for your initial consultation.